Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Life without technology - what a thought!

In the midst of a full and fast paced life we probably never really know how much we rely on technology until those that we rely on so much decide that they are no longer for this world. Our trusted and faithful desktop yesterday took what we thought was its last breath and then amongst the chaos that ensued was that very frightening thought - what about my database, email contacts, favourite websites, emails, order schedule and the treasured photographs - the list just gets longer! So we called Stewart at Cobalt Visuals in Mullumbimby to assist in the very minuscule possibility that he may be able to revive our friend. At 6.30pm the long awaited knock at the door - hard drive in hand. Amazing it lives! Celebrations for Stewart and his team - beer and the promise of cupcakes!

x Nikki

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